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A huge selection of printer types available for your personal or business use.
Printers are available for sale or with various leasing and maintenance options.


Buying A Printer

Buying a Printer for your home or business doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ve been selling printers for a long time and our experienced staff can advise what printer would be best for your specific needs…


Printer Rentals

For most businesses it’s more beneficial to Rent Printers rather than buying them. We offer both long-term and short-term printer rentals which include printer maintenance and service contracts.


Printer Servicing & Repairs

If you don’t have a Printer Maintenance Contract, we also provide once-off printer repairs, servicing and/or maintenance. All printer repair work is done by our own qualified printer technicians.

Wide Selection of Printers for sale or REnt


It’s simply more affordable for businesses to lease printers

Types of Printers Available

Inkjet Printers for Sale or Lease

InkJet Printers

InkJet Printers are best for Home and Office use where low print volume and only occassional colour printing is required using plain or photo paper.

Pantum M6550NW Laser Printer

Laser  Printers

Laser Printers are best suited where large volume monotone printing is required. Colour Laser printing is also available, but costs are high. Speak with us!

Olivetti and other Multi-Function Printers Available for sale or to rent

Multi-Functional  Printers

Multi-Functional or All-In-One Printers are usually InkJet or Laser Printers with multiple functions. Think printer, Scanner, Fax etc in one device.

OKI ColorPainter E64S Large Format Printer

Large-Format Printers

Professional printers used for Maps, High Impact Graphics, Technical Drawings, Posters and more; including latex printers and Print & Cut printers.

Get your Digital Press here - Leasing and Maintenance Contracts available

Digital Presses

Digital Presses are industry specific printers used for high-speed, high-volume printing of books, magazines, newspapers and many other industry specific tasks.

Why use us!

  • Many years of industry experience
  • About the best pricing & service available
  • No Ever Green Clauses in our contracts
  • We do not charge over inflated prices
  • We want you to become a long term client

Multifunctional Printer Rentals Just Makes Sense!

“Cost-Effective office automation management”

Buying a multifunction printer can represent a big cash outlay for any business no matter how big and or small. Printer renting instead of buying can help you improve your cash flow and still give you the devices you need to obtain and maintain a competitive advantage. We offer buy to own, rental packages, that is individually tailored made to suite your requirements and budget.

Renting your printer from us is a cost-effective way of meeting your office requirements now on a very affordable scale. Our rental agreements reduce the need for initial capital expenditure, and include a maintenance and service plan for your peace of mind. Making office automation simple, affordable and more manageable – NOW!!

* Our short term rentals is for 3 years | Our long terms rentals is for 5 years

Printer Repairs and Servicing

Don’t just throw away your broken equipment; simply repair it with us. You don’t even need to have a warranty on the device to replace the much needed parts. We offers an onsite or carry-in printer repair service on most available makes and models. Apart from repairing problem printers and supplying the necessary replacement parts and components, we can also service your equipment – making sure that print quality doesn’t degenerate as time goes on and getting your printer back to life when you need it the most!

We Service and Repair

Benefits of Having Printer Repairs:

  • We can and will ensure that your devices are always operating at the right optimal level
  • You will save time and money, because you repair instead of replacing and buying new office automation equipment

We handle Out-Of-Warranty Repairs and can work on-site at your home and/or business premises where possible.

Servicing your printing equipment will ensure a longer lifespan; making it more cost effective…
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