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Why get a CCTV Security System


Prevent or Reduce Theft

A visible CCTV Security Camera System acts as a major theft deterrent. Thieves, shoplifters & dishonest employees think twice before committing crimes where they are aware of being caught on camera.


Better Employee Productivity

It is a proven fact that employees work better when under supervision. Having CCTV Camera’s in suitable locations ensures better productivity, reduces pilferage and prevents employee misconduct.


Prevention or Investigation of Safety Incidents

Having CCTV Cameras in high-risk areas of your business can forewarn you of possible safety incidents before they happen (if monitored). They can also provide proof of the cause of an incident once it has happened.

CCTV Video Surveillance is accepted ‘proof‘ within our legals systems, aiding with criminal convictions, disbute resolution and/or incident investigations. Motion detection, Thermal detection and other similar cameras can also be used as early warning/threat systems.

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We specialise in HIK Vision® and Dahua® CCTV Systems

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Future Proof Office Automation specialise in a wide range of security and surveillance systems, including: CCTV, IP and Hybrid Systems, Access Control, PA Systems and Off-Site Monitoring systems. We can cater for the Commercial, Industrial or Business Sector clients in Cape Town.

We specialise in HIKVISION® and DAHUA® CCTV Security Systems.

Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies will reduce or lessen your premiums once you have added a CCTV Security System.
We highly recommend you ask them…

24 Hour Security

CCTV Systems can provide 24-hour surveillance, 365-days a year, freeing up management from overseeing staff and reducing the man-hours required for security personnel.