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We have the lowest VoIP call charges and a huge selection of devices.
From Hosted VoIP PABX’s to top quality VoIP Handsets.
Authorised reseller of Yealink VoIP Phones

Why get your VoIP from Us


Cheapest VoIP Call Rates

We can offer you R0.28 cents per minute on all local and national calls and just R0.35 cents to all mobile calls. Our International call rates are ridiculously low in comparison to other service providers.


FREE Internal Calls

With our VoIP solutions all internal calls within your office or inter-connected branches get FREE calls. Our IP Telephony systems are first class. Free Business calls are restricted to within South Africa only.

Fast and Friendly Service

We have the experience and resources to implement and manage Custom VoIP Solutions for any home or business size. We have a proven track record with lots of happy customers!!

Best VoIP Prices > We’re Service Driven

We offer some of the best VoIP Call Rates in South Africa and will hands-down beat competitor quotes; it’s just plain fact!

Our VoIP Service is fast and professional, with quotations drawn up in your best interests. References can be obtained and we have been in business since 2011.

iServ UC Softphone - VoIP App

iServ UC VoIP Softphone Offer

Only R60 p/m

R250 once-off connection fee! *
Can be used on 3x devices **

With our IServ UC Integration you get FREE unlimited calls per Month on the same VoIP Network.
Phone to any South African mobile and landline number at ridiculously low rates.

iServ UC VoIP Softphone & Telephony App

With our iServ UC Softphone VoIP solution you only pay:

  • 0.28 cents per minute to all local and national numbers
  • 0.35 cents per minute to all mobile numbers.

Call charges*** are billed at a per second billing ratio!
This means that if you phone for under a minute, you do not get charged the full minute rate! You only pay for the actual call time / duration for that phone call !!!

* R250 connection fee includes first months line-rental!
** R60 monthly subscription includes use for 3x devices.
*** Call charges are not include in the monthly VoIP Connection fee!

World leading VoIP Products & Services at unbeatable prices!

Tailor made VoIP packages to suite your personal or company needs…

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an alternative telephone service that works off your Internet connection. It cuts out unnecessary landline costs and you are only billed for your actual Call-Time. VoIP is the perfect telephony solution to reduce telephone fees for anyone with a fixed internet connection.

VoIP Requirements?

There are a few ways to connect with VoIP. Either via an on-site PABX, a hosted PABX or directly connected to an IP Telephone. The IP Telephone could be a specific device or you can configure your Mobile Phone (Cellular Phone) to use VoIP.

You also need a permanently connected Internet Connection that meets a minimum speed.

VoIP Costs?

Future Proof Office Automation is positioned as one the most competitively priced VoIP providers in South Africa offering…

N Free SIP trunk set up
N ‌‌‌Per Second Billing
N ‌‌‌Free monthly rentals on SIP trunks
N ‌‌‌Calls to SA cellular providers = R0.35c p/minute
N ‌‌‌Calls to SA landline numbers = R0.28c p/minute
N Best International rates provided on request & country specific.